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        Mary Ellen Donald
        Oakland, CA
        Telephone: (510) 654-DRUM (3786)

Biographical Information
  • Cover Story: Mary Ellen, Habibi 1982, Vol. 6, No. 12, 1982

  • Patterns of Rhythm From Families of Drums, by Hal Aigner, excerpted from World Beat Report, Vol. 1, No. 6, April 1993

  • Cover Story: Mary Ellen Donald, by Sudan, from The Caravan, Vol. 13, #6, May/June 1997

  • Mary Ellen Donald Middle Eastern Percussionist and Trail Blazer, by Khalida, from The Chronicles. . . A Dancerís Oasis, Volume 2, Issue 1

  • NOTE:  For a 25-page autobiographical sketch, you may purchase Gems of the Middle East Book, Volume 1 listed under Beautiful and Exciting Music for Belly Dance Performance & Just Good Listening.

    Music Teacher, Musician, Performer

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