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Books of Middle Eastern Melodies by Mimi Spencer
Available through Mary Ellen Donald

Mimi Spencer Memorial Page

Much of Mimi Spencer’s life has been devoted to performing, promoting and
teaching the music of the Middle East, not by conscious choice, but due
(in retrospect) to an invisible, overwhelming imperative.

Gems of the Middle East (Instrumental)

Gems of the Middle East (Songbook)

A Near Eastern Music Primer

Sadika's Tunes

Gems of the middle east (instrumental) (2000)

Gems of the middle east (Songbook)
by Mimi Spencer

Transcriptions of music from the Gems of the Middle East recordings.  Spiral bound, 8 ˝ x 11

Gems of the Middle East (Instrumental)

    23 pieces, 69 pgs.  $30.00

•   Gems of the Middle East (Songbook) has words
    of 11 songs in the original languages, transliterated
    & translated into English:  58 pgs.  $30.00

A Near Eastern Music Primer (1991)

Sadika’s Tunes (1994) by Mimi Spencer

Written music for melodies in the Gems of the Middle East series and others, plus Middle Eastern music theory, maqam scales, pronunciation guides, and more.  Spiral bound, 8 ˝ x 11.

•  A Near Eastern Music Primer: laminated covers,
   7 songs, 23 pgs.  $16.50

•  Sadika’s Tunes: 13 pieces, 35 pgs.  $16.50

For wholesale information contact:
    Vince Delgado
    P.O. Box 625, Forest Knolls, CA  94933
    email: / Phone: 415-457-8427


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