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CD's, Books & DVD's Available for Purchase

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Instructional Materials for Doumbec, Tambourine, Tar, Cymbals & Belly Dance
  • Doumbec Delight
  • Arabic Tambourine (includes tar)
  • Instructional Book and CD's for Finger Cymbals
    • Beginner Cymbal Discs for Belly Dancers
    • Mastering Finger Cymbals
  • Azar’s Belly Dance Workout Level I (2004)
CD's Designed for Extended Practice
  • The Middle Eastern Rhythms
  • Practice Music For Drummers and Dancers
Beautiful and Exciting Music for Belly Dance Performance & Just Good Listening
  • Gems of the Middle East:  Belly Dance Favorites from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece, a series of three CD's and three books, by Mary Ellen Donald (1999)
  • Encore! Bert's Baladi (1979, reissued 2008)
  • "Arabian Passion" by Nazir Latouf
  • "Right Where I Want to Be" by Mimi Spencer
  • "Valentine to Eden" by Doug Adams
Music and Dance of the Silk Road
  • In Xinjiang Time (CD)
  • Desert Dreams of Light (CD)
  • Silk Road Experience (DVD)
  • Bright Moon Rising (CD)
  • Revealing Evidence
Books of Middle Eastern Melodies by Mimi Spencer
  • Gems of the Middle East (Instrumental)
  • Gems of the Middle East (Songbook)
  • A Near Eastern Music Primer
  • Sadika’s Tunes
  • Mimi Spencer Memorial Page


T-Shirts & Merchandise

  • Middle Eastern Drum T-Shirts

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