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Mary Ellen's Birthday Jazz Concert - August 2005
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Arabian Music, Tambourine, Tar, Doumbec, Drums
Nationally acclaimed author, instructor, and performer in Middle Eastern Percussion.
Birthday Concert - August 14, 2005
Bella Donna Center, Berkeley, CA - Presented By Mary Ellen Donald
Mary Ellen Donald - Middle Eastern Musician
Mary Ellen Donald - Voice and Middle Eastern Percussion
Larry Hancock - Drums
Larry Hancock - Drums
MB Hanif - Saxophones
MB Hanif- Soprano and Alto Saxophones
Kash Killion - Bass Player
Kash Killion- Bass and Sarangi
Reyna Alcala - Belly Dancer
Reyna Alcala- Belly Dance
Reyna Alcala - Dance of Veils
Reyna Alcala- Dancing with Veils
Sound provided by Lou Judson – Intuitive Audio
Video by Smiles Productions
     Unfortunately, we have no still shots of the following musicians; but want you to know they are marvelous and you can see them on the videos listed below.
Dee Spencer- Piano Kenny Kearney- Guitar Introduction
The following links are video files of our concert. They are Quicktime Movies, so you will need the Quicktime Player. It is available for free for Windows here. These are large media files - anywhere from 6 to 17 megabytes. If you do not have a broadband connection to the internet, such as Cable or DSL, we recommend that you right click and "save target as", thereby saving the file to your own computer, which allows you to watch it from your desktop. Have fun!
Belly Dancing by Reyna Alcala 17.3 Megabytes
More Belly Dancing by Reyna Alcala 16.6 Megabytes
Caravan by Duke Ellington and Irving Mills,
Mary Ellen Donald on Cymbals
9.3 Megabytes
Caravan - Part Two 12.2 Megabytes
Equinox by John Coltrane
10 Megabytes
Estate by Bruno Martino and Brighetti
8 Megabytes
Hallelulia Hamdil Elah by Mary Ellen Donald
6.6 Megabytes
Homage MB Hanif with Mary Ellen Donald on tambourine
17.6 Megabytes
I Only Have Eyes For You by Harry Warren and Al Dubin
5.4 Megabytes
Love A Poem From "The Prophet"
by Khalil Gibran
Arranged by Mary Ellen Donald
13.8 Megabytes
Love - Part Two 16.0 Megabytes
Midnight Sun by Lionel Hampton, Sonny Burke, Johnny Mercer
8.2 Megabytes
Naima by John Coltrane
Lyrics by Mary Ellen Donald
5.6 Megabytes
A Night In Tunisia by Dizzy Gillespie - 14.0 Megabytes
Pannonica by Thelonious Monk and Jon Hendricks
11.7 Megabytes
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